What’s Your Favorite Summer Read?

Two years ago, I read a review in Entertainment Weekly of the first book in a new trilogy by an author named David Anthony Durham. I had never heard of him, but the glowing review of Acacia: The War with the Mein hooked me, and I read the book soon after.

I was hooked.

Sometimes you read a book that you unapologetically recommend to everyone you know, and you pre-order the sequel on Amazon the first day you can. This was one such book for me.

I even Googled Durham’s blog and posted a comment about how much I loved the book, and he actually replied. To me, this is akin to receiving a response from Tolkien himself. I love that we live in an era when you can reach out to writers, singers, actors, etc on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs and sometimes even hear back from them.

The final book of the trilogy will be released this October, and I wanted to do something for it on the blog. I asked David if he’d film a short video for my readers (which he was incredibly kind to take the time to do), and I’m going to give away copies of his first two Acacia books to one of you.

Here’s how it’ll work: In the comments below, share one or several of your favorite summer reads. Because there’s really nothing better than a good book in the summer, is there? You can even share a book or books that you’re really looking forward to reading for the first time this summer.

At the end of the week, I’ll select one person at random and will send them a copy of the first book in the trilogy. If you read it and love it, I’ll send you the second book too. If you’re not a fan, I’ll send you any other book (within reason–no rare leatherbound books from Ron Burgundy’s library, please) of your choice.

Thanks for participating, and I really look forward to hearing your recommendations. Feel free to “Like” this entry on Facebook at the bottom of this entry.