5 Things That Fascinate Me

Naked parties. Or naked bike rides, for that matter. Do adults have these, or are they a college thing? Don’t you spend the whole time looking at other people’s private parts? Is it really not sexual at all, like they say? Ghostly encounters. Could ghosts actually be real? Have you ever seen or sensed a … Read more

The 15 Workplace Love Languages

A year and a half ago, I wrote about the five love languages. I mostly talked about how they can be applied to improve romantic, familial, and friend relationships, but I briefly touched on how they can be effective at the workplace. Last week, I realized that I could expand upon that idea by polling … Read more

Pet Please #53: Microwaves

Specifically, this: You put a plate of leftovers–let’s say rice and salmon–into the microwave. Then you have what is really a very minor choice: How long do you wish to cook this food? There’s no real difference between 1 minute or 1:11 or 1:23, and yet we carefully choose our cook time to the very … Read more

Pet Peeve #27: Microwaves

Specifically, this: You microwave leftovers–let’s say spaghetti–for what seems like more than enough time. While it’s cooking, you set the coffee table with your milk, your diluted juice, your baby spinach salad (keeping one eye on it so Biddy doesn’t steal a leaf). Then you pull the steaming hot plate out of the oven. You … Read more

Management Tactic #58: A Modest Proposal

I have a proposal for maximizing efficiency and productivity. I would suggest that all workplaces enact this policy, effective immediately. The average American worker spends 27 minutes in the bathroom a day (Stegmaier 2011). Not only are workers moving bowels and excreting liquids, they are washing hands, examining blemishes in the mirror, and adjusting their … Read more