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6 Pet Peeves That You’re Not Going to Like

6 Pet Peeves That You're Not Going to Like

I expect to get some flack for this one, so bring it. These things peeve me. If they don’t peeve you, tell me why. 28. Out of shape people who don’t take the stairs. (Or park in the farthest parking spot every time they go to the grocery store. Jared didn’t lose weight by driving […]

7 Random Road Trip Tips and Thoughts

7 Random Road Trip Tips and Thoughts

Back during a time when I was making many road trips for my first–and last–long-distance relationship, I wrote an entry about how I’d pimp my ride for long trips if I could. Today I have a few follow-up tips and thoughts for long road trips, particularly those for which you’re alone for 10+ hours. Crunchy […]