5 Things That Fascinate Me

  1. Naked parties. Or naked bike rides, for that matter. Do adults have these, or are they a college thing? Don’t you spend the whole time looking at other people’s private parts? Is it really not sexual at all, like they say?
  2. Ghostly encounters. Could ghosts actually be real? Have you ever seen or sensed a ghost? How do you know it wasn’t your mind playing tricks on you? Why haven’t they been recorded in photos? If ghosts are real, why do some people become ghosts and others don’t? Can I ever think about ghosts and not get the heebie-jeebies?
  3. Swinging couples. How does a couple decide to stop being monogamous and become swingers? Isn’t that conversation awkward if one person doesn’t like the idea? How do they find other swingers? Do they get to choose their new partners? If not, what if they end up with someone really ugly? Is it possibly that for some couples, the healthiest version of their relationship is polyamorous? How do you know if you’re one of those couples?
  4. Near-death experiences. When I was little I was fascinated by a book called Life After Death. My parents wouldn’t let me read it until I was a certain age. I always thought it contained some secret wisdom of the afterlife, but it ended up feeling kind of hokey to me. What really happens after we die? Are the things that people see and feel when they almost die some sign of the afterlife, or are they just our brains perceiving the electrical conduits in our body?
  5. Tornado pickups. What does it feel like to get picked up and tossed around by a tornado? Does it happen so fast that you lose the sensation of flying? Are you colliding with other flying objects the entire time? Could this be a sport someday in the vein of cliff jumping?

4 thoughts on “5 Things That Fascinate Me”

  1. Interesting post! I’ve wondered some of the same things. Right now, however, I find myself wondering (about the ghost image), “Who puts a picture of a rat on their wall?”

    • Who puts a picture of a rat on their wall?

      1. Members of the Rat Aficionados of America (RAA) association
      2. Rat catchers
      3. Big fans of the movie “Ratatouille”
      4. Men with odd facial hair
      5. Couples with ghost babies

  2. Wasn’t there a naked bike ride here in St. Louis not long ago? How naked do you have to be to ride? Isn’t it hard to ride a bike naked especially for guys?

    • There was indeed a naked bike ride here! I think it was “clothing optional,” so many people apparently wore underwear. Most of the naked people were guys. I haven’t tried it, but I think it would be quite uncomfortable for a guy.


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