Confession #16: A Loaded Question

Today I experienced a first on A 62-year-old woman from Montana e-mailed me with the following message:

I just sent a reply to a gentleman in LasVegas and when I hit the send button, your profile was displayed in the “others like so & so”….and I just had to make a comment. WHAT on GODS green earth is a movie star good looking, Intelligent young man, that lives in a BIG city and has MANY opportunities to meet young women…doing on a Dating Site??

Oh, if you were 30 years older……nope…maybe not….don’t plan to leave Montana, but it would be tempting, LOL!!

First, I’m rather tickled that this woman e-mailed me. It definitely made me smile.

Second, why is Match pairing me with women twice my age who live thousands of miles away?!

Third, I love–love–that she would rather have Montana than a 30-year-old plaything. I’ve been to Montana, and I remember spending most of my time making loud sounds so the grizzlies wouldn’t attack me. It appears that I should have been more worried about the cougars.

Fourth, I want to address her semi-rhetorical question. Because I’ve been asked this before by other women on Match, and I don’t think it’s a fair question for these reasons three:

  1. It insinuates that there’s something wrong with online dating, and thus something wrong with people who use online dating sites. It’s 2011. There is absolutely no stigma attached to online dating.
  2. It’s flattering, but really, I’m pretty weird. Movie star good looking? If I was movie star good looking, I’d be in movies.
  3. Last, this question makes me want to explain why I’m on Match. I’m not good at meeting women in real life. I’m terrible at initiating conversations in person. Terrible. I’m good at batting my eyes from across the room, but beyond that, I’m hopeless. Online dating gives me a way to break the ice in an easy, noncommittal way–a wink or a quick e-mail. After that I’m fine.

All in all, thank you, 62-year-old woman from Montana, for making me smile and sparking a blog entry. I wish you the best in finding that special someone.

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14 thoughts on “Confession #16: A Loaded Question”

  1. Awesome! You have movie star qualities. yeah, I think so for sure.

    And whose dog is that? It’s really cute… but you’re not into dogs. Did you get a dog in the past 2 months while I’ve been away?

    • It’s a friend’s dog (a really awesome dog). It’s the most recent photo of me, so I thought I’d put that on the blog instead of the photo of the 62-year-old.

  2. “I remember spending most of my time making loud sounds so the grizzlies wouldn’t attack me. It appears that I should have been more worried about the cougars.”

    This may be one of the best blog lines in a long time!

  3. Have you ever tried to be in a movie? I mean for those really, really really rediculously good looking people (like yourself) who want to be famous (like yourself), they seek stardom through the use of their physical attributes by acting or modeling. Granted, you have the capability of doing it with your brain rather than being a piece of meat. But when 60 yr old ladies incinuate the things they would do to you if you were in Montana, I think they’d fork out $10 to see you on the big screen. Don’t forget Sam Neil’s dying words in Hunt for the Red October.
    Also, I suspect you meet more than your share of single ladies. but you have a pretty well concieved idea of what you want in a mate. To find someone who passes the survey of prefered characteristics seems to mean that you need to fish from a larger pool of applicants.

    • Red–Ha ha…you flatter me, but really, I’m nowhere near good looking or talented enough to be in a movie. Have you seen me in front of a camera (watch the video on our kickstarter campaign)? I think that says it all.


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