Pet Peeve #27: Microwaves

Specifically, this:

You microwave leftovers–let’s say spaghetti–for what seems like more than enough time. While it’s cooking, you set the coffee table with your milk, your diluted juice, your baby spinach salad (keeping one eye on it so Biddy doesn’t steal a leaf). Then you pull the steaming hot plate out of the oven.

You settle down at the table, turn on Game of Thrones, pile pillows around you, stick a fork into the spaghetti, and bring a well-balanced bite of noodle, sauce, and meat to your mouth.

And it’s cold.

Really cold. As if somehow you didn’t microwave it at all.

But you know you did. The plate is hot. You can see steam coming off the spaghetti. It has been heated. And yet it’s not hot.

How does this happen?!