6 Pet Peeves That You’re Not Going to Like

I expect to get some flack for this one, so bring it. These things peeve me. If they don’t peeve you, tell me why.

28. Out of shape people who don’t take the stairs. (Or park in the farthest parking spot every time they go to the grocery store. Jared didn’t lose weight by driving to Subway, people.)

29. People who don’t use cruise control on the highway. (I used to be one of those people before I understood cruise control, and now I know how annoying I was.)

30. Unemployed people who watch TV all day. (Time is a HUGE gift. Don’t wallow when you could be doing something. Anything. Make something for Etsy. Write a handwritten letter to everyone you know. Volunteer. You’ll eventually get a job, but you won’t get that time back.)

31. People who forward “urgent” conspiracy theory e-mails to everyone in their address book without checking them out on Snopes.com first.

32. People who smoke with kids in the car. Or the house. That’s just…despicable.

33. People who click on dubious links in e-mails or on Twitter. (Computer viruses persist because we enable them.)

5 thoughts on “6 Pet Peeves That You’re Not Going to Like”

  1. At a raw emotional level I agree with you. I got in a heated debate with my radio the other weekend when some idiot called in to complain about the new packaging requirements for cigarettes. He claimed the government had no business interfering with his right to smoke. Of course, once he gets lung cancer, I’m sure he’ll want medicare to pick up the tab. Not to mention the general cleanliness of the air we all share. And you probably don’t want government regulating your puppy mill either because that cuts into your profits you uneducated oaf.
    The point of my rant is that people’s actions do affect the greater community – giving validation to your disdain for other’s poor choices. BUT. There are lots of reasons why out of shape people don’t take the stairs – we have a close family friend who has a genetic disease making it very hard for her to walk. I don’t have cruise control in my car and a lot of those “unemployed people who watch TV all day” have depression. You don’t know the specific story of that individual you are judging so harshly. So don’t let them ruin your day. Give him or her the benefit of the doubt, and be thankful you have made good life choices.

    Now those people who smoke with kids in the car. Or the house…I’m all for going after them with pitchforks.

    • ALW–A fair point about cruise control–it’s a good reminder that not everyone has it.

      Don’t worry, I’m not letting these people ruin my day. I take the stairs. 🙂

  2. I’m not personally offended, but my aunt would not like #31. I think she lives in constant fear of driving down the highway and being assaulted by someone throwing eggs at her windshield, obscuring her vision when she presses for the wiper fluid and forcing her to pull over. She stops on the side of the highway and notices a lone, vulnerable woman with a baby in a carrier. She goes to help, and then realizes it’s a trick as a man comes out of the woods to abduct her, covering her mouth with a chloroform-soaked cloth. Before she passes out, he begins poking her with AIDS-infected needles. He takes her to an ATM and forces her to withdraw all of the money in her checking account, but she knows that by simply entering in her PIN number backwards, the police will automatically be summoned and she will be rescued. All will be well until she returns to her car, only to discover a man hiding underneath it, waiting to slash her ankles so she can’t walk. Yet the only thought crossing her mind is how the world is going to end soon because certain passages in the Bible reveal that Obama is the anti-Christ, all starting when he was sworn into office using the Koran.

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