Milkmen Have It Rough

“Is it his baby…or is it the milkman’s?” Show of hands among the ladies: How many of you have given birth to a baby that you told your husband was his, but it was actually the milkman’s? As often as that phrase is used, you’d think that there would be milkman babies all over the … Read more

The Roaming Cat

I feel like I’m entitled to the occasional cat entry, right? For those of you who experience this as your first-ever blog entry, go to the About page for a more well-rounded experience. For the rest of you, here’s what happened: I took my laundry out of my washer/dryer combo tonight. Lately it hasn’t been completely … Read more

Should You Lie About Your Age?

Should you lie about your age on your online dating profile? Short answer: No. You should be completely truthful about your age, height, income, etc. You should use recent photos that actually look like you. Be 100% open and honest, because when you go on dates, they’ll know if you’ve been lying. Long answer: Still … Read more

Pet Peeve #36: Dream Sequences

I have recently been smitten with an HBO show called True Blood. It’s gritty, sexy, Southern, entertaining, and actually asks some really interesting questions about how supernatural creatures would interact with the real world if they were “outed.” I’ve also discovered (this was a while ago), that like The Notebook, True Blood is an excellent … Read more

How I Saw Harry Potter 7.2

Earlier this weekend, I decided I wanted to see the final Harry Potter movie on Saturday afternoon. I e-mailed and texted a few people about it, but by late Saturday morning, I still hadn’t heard from anyone. At 11:15 on Saturday, I checked the movie times at the nearby Moolah Theater just so I’d know … Read more