3 More Things Every Man Should Know

This is a follow-up to 8 Things Every Man Should Know and 8 More Things Every Man Should Know. Two of these apply to women too.

Here we're looking at the Wilmerton 2-Prong Snagglehook 3000, patented in 1968 and updated in 1993. It's a tough safe to crack on the first attempt, but not impossible.

17. In the winter, as soon as it stops snowing, brush off your car immediately–even if you don’t need to drive until the following day. Sure, it sucks to have to leave your warm house at 8:00 at night to clear off your car, but snow is much easier to clear when it’s fresh. Whatever little remains will melt in the morning sun, and you will thank your past self as you climb into your drive-ready car with 10 minutes to spare before you have to get to work.

18. Every once in a while, step back and think about how people perceive you. This isn’t about conforming or caring what people think about you. It’s about how you carry yourself and how that affects people’s impressions of you. Are they in line with who you really are?

19. Know how to take off a bra with one hand–either hand. You’re not always going to find yourself on the same side of the couch when you’re watching a movie with your girlfriend. Thus you need to know how to use either hand. Gauge if it’s a one, two, or three-pronged clasp–that determines the number of fingers you need to use to undo it. Do it swiftly but gently so she doesn’t even know it’s happened. My future goal is to not only undo but completely remove a woman’s bra without her knowing it. Any volunteers?