Let Men Fix Things…Sometimes

Why this photo? Because I'm wearing a utility onesie, that's why.

Yesterday I wrote about equality between men and women in terms of engagements and proposals. However, there’s one thing that I think all women should know about men:

Let us fix things every now and then.

Or at least try to fix things.

The other day a female friend of mine had a flat tire right before before we were supposed to meet up. She texted me that she had called AAA. I offered to help, but she waved me off.

The truth is, men want to feel like men sometimes. I hope that doesn’t come across as sexist–I think it’s in our DNA to fix, build, and hunt.

And yet in this day and age, we rarely have the opportunity to fix things, especially in my generation. I come from an entire generation of men who don’t know how to build a cabinet or fix a car or tighten the fixator gasket. These are things are fathers did for us, and now we have outsource those tasks to specialists.

I was at a party about 5 years ago when a sink backed up and started burping up this vile-looking sludge. I know nothing about sinks, but I asked the host if I could try to fix it, and he gave me his approval. So I found a way to turn off the water under the sink, and I opened up the pipe to find it clogged with all sorts of food (I think they had been using it as a garbage disposal even though it was just a drain). I closed it back up, turned on the water, and the sink worked better than it had in years.

That was 5 years ago. I don’t remember anything else about that party. But I remember fixing that sink.

Fixing things means something to us.

So every once in a while, give us a chance to fix something for you. It’ll make us feel like the men we want to be. And sure, maybe I don’t know much about fixing flat tires. But it would sure feel good to get my hands dirty and give it a try.