Pet Please #57: Tandem Bikes

For the longest time, seeing someone ride a Segway made me immensely happy. And it still does. But I’ve realized that the true pinnacle of happiness when it comes to wheeled transport is the tandem bike.

It’s some miracle of invention that tandem bikes even exist. Just like the miracle of life on Earth, rising from the primordial ooze millions of years ago (or from Adam and Eve, whatever floats your boat, unless that boat is Noah’s Ark, because that’s just ridiculous), the chances that someone not only invented a tandem bike but also made it and somehow got people to ride it are astronomically low.

And yet it exists.

And people ride them!

I want to know what the conversation looks like between two people when they decide, no, we don’t want to buy two bikes. We just want one bike that we can both ride at exactly the same pace. If I steer to the right, he has no choice but to follow. If I fall, she falls too.

It’s kind of a good analogy for marriage, isn’t it?

What is the most ridiculous sport/activity that you’ve done as a couple?

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