The Costanza Wallet Solution

I have a friend–we’ll call him “Mark” to give away his real name–who used to have a Costanza wallet. That is, a wallet so full of coupons, receipts, cards, and cash, that you’ll get scoliosis for sitting on it for too long. If you’re not familiar with the original Costanza wallet, watch the clip here.

I do not have a Costanza wallet. However, I do carry something in my pocket of enough girth that I can’t keep it in my back pocket lest one of my cheeks look significantly perkier than the other.

Thus I carry my wallet in my front pocket, where it is just as bulky, but it doesn’t get in the way of walking or sitting down. It’s about an inch thick on a good day. So I’ve taken to leave it in the car while I’m at work, only realizing later that I need it.

Recently I decided to find a solution for my semi-Costanza. I heard about a company called Saddleback Leather, so I checked out their website this past weekend.

For literally an hour I flipped back and forth between two wallets: one that is similar to a traditional wallet, and one that is significantly different. It only has one pocket. No zippers, no flaps. Just a single pocket that retains its contents by the physics of friction.

After the lengthy deliberation, I decided to take the plunge. I mean, the worst that could happen would be that I wouldn’t like the wallet and would switch back to my old one (comments contest: Who can name an even worse scenario that could arise?)

So I took the plunge. You can see in the photo how thin the wallet is compared to my old one–and it has four cards that were in my old wallet. Tomorrow will be my first day with such a thin package in my pants. I can’t wait.