3 Extra Things Every Guy Should Know

Like Sasquatch, I appear as a blur in photos.

Continuing where we left off with the last lesson…

20. You can order cocktails and martinis, but order them on the rocks. There’s nothing wrong with a deliciously fruity drink now and then. But don’t go for the Sex in the City look–order your cocktails like a man. In a glass. With ice. And drink from the cup, not the straw.

21. Here’s a simple trick for looking like you have a six pack without having to work out. This is a guy’s greatest loophole. In the summer on a hot, sunny day, do situps for as long as you can in one sitting. Then go outside without your shirt and scrunch up your stomach facing the sun. Your stomach will naturally fold into a six pack, and if you hold that position for 30-45 minutes, your tan lines will create the illusion that you have a six pack. Don’t tell women about this one.

22. When you play pickup sports (specifically soccer), don’t wear gray shirts. I play a lot of pickup soccer, and I’m bewildered by the shirt choices some of the guys make. Contrast is important–either have an all-white shirt or an solid color shirt so that people can tell with a single quick glance if you’re on the white or dark team. I see way too many guys with gray shirts that are completely ambiguous when you’re looking for a target. Same with shirts that have white and dark stripes. They’re a little better, but it’s easier for everyone if your shirt is solid white or solid color.