A Box That Is Also a Box

Besides grocery shopping, I do almost all of my shopping online. So I receive a lot of boxes. Boxes that often feel way too big for their contents–a waste of cardboard.

The other day I checked my mail and discovered that I had received my reward for backing a Kickstarter project for a company called Quinn Popcorn. It’s a startup that sells simple, delicious organic popcorn with real flavors, not artificial ones. My reward for my pledge was a box of microwave popcorn from their very first batch, lemon and sea salt.

The popcorn was absolutely delicious (who knew that a splash of lemon would be so good on popcorn?!) But my one big disappointment was the box that the box of popcorn came in. Rather, I was disappointed that such a box existed.

Pick up a box of popcorn at the grocery store and tell me why that box can’t be shipped as is. Why does it need to be stuffed into another box?

This isn’t just about popcorn–it’s about anything that is packaged inside a box. We shouldn’t have to put those boxes inside other boxes to ship them. It’s such a waste.

I’m sure there’s a company out there that skips the second box because of a clever design on the product box. Do you know of one? If not, are there any designers out there who could create such a box? I challenge you to do this.

4 thoughts on “A Box That Is Also a Box”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever received anything in the mail that didn’t come in a larger box. My favorite is when the box is clearly too big and my small item is surrounded by large amounts of non-recyclable bubble wrap.

    I tried doing some research to see if I could find anything and one of the first things I came across was this:


    I had no idea that Amazon did this but apparently their Certified Frustration-Free Packaging means: “(1)Easy-to-open, (2) Recyclable packaging, and (3) Ships in its own package without an additional shipping box.”

  2. I finally broke down and bought a box of who nu cookies. After opening the box I discovered the package of cookies was inside a larger box that had no purpose but to hold the smaller package of cookies. I never would have noticed this if I hadn’t read your blog. If you haven’t heard of Who nu cookies I included the link for the website.


    • Those cookies look awesome (although the box in a box thing is disappointing). Are they tasty? Do they contain real sugar or aspartame?


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