Entourage Ends

The HBO dramedy Entourage ended tonight with a short but sweet series finale. I won’t go into details about what happened, but I will say that everyone grows up in different ways.

I’ve been watching the show on and off for 7 years, many of those years with a few good friends when they used to live together (before taking the next step in their relationships). It’s the ultimate guy’s show–it’s about five guys (yes, Ari counts) who live it up in Hollywood. They try to conquer the world one movie, one drink, one woman, one party at a time. And they have a blast.

Although none of us are in show business, we used to talk about the idea of following in the footsteps Entourage gang and going to live it up in California for a year or two. Mostly it was just an idea, a pipe dream. But we’re boys–we build tree forts when we’re young, play high school sports with the same vigor as professionals, and do truly stupid things in college thanks to dares and challenges. The world is ours for the taking when we do things together.

So it’s with a somewhat heavy heart that I watched Entourage end today. It serves as a gentle reminder that I’m 30 now. I have responsibilities, a steady job, people and cats who depend on me (okay, pretty much just a cat). My friends have moved or gotten married or had kids. The dreams of Entourage have long since ended.

If the season finale has anything to say, it’s that although the world is no longer for the taking, there are some things that matter more than being on top of the world. We just have to have the wisdom to figure out what they are, the courage to act on them, and the constitution to follow through to the end.

Thanks for the memories, Entourage. You’ll be missed.

4 thoughts on “Entourage Ends”

  1. Great show, and post…

    but I must correct you. Its about 6 guys – you forgot Lloyd. 🙂 I felt he kept the show going at more points than most viewers would think at first.

    Also, who doesn’t want an assistant like Lloyd?

  2. Sorry I missed this show. must try to catch reruns. Jamey, you showed so much emotion in this blog. Has me thinking of ‘days gone by’ but then trying to remind myself of the glories of this ‘stage’ of life.

    • Yeah, the show made me wistful and nostalgic, but it also made me value what I have. For a show that is pure popcorn entertainment, it actually made me think.


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