Two Brilliant Websites for Photos

Do you ever come across a brilliant, funny, or insightful photo online, and you want to share it with others? I often use Facebook for this, but there is a website called Pinterest that is much better for discovering, sharing, and perusing random photos and pictures. A number of the photos on this site tell a story in themselves–they don’t warrant a full blog entry, but they still deserve to be shared. You can check out the random assortment of my pins here. Note that this site isn’t really for sharing your personal photos–I think Facebook is much better for that.

The other site I wanted to mention today is a blog called Dear Photograph. I love media that overlaps physical objects with digital objects, and this site pulls this off brilliantly. Basically, they’re digital photos of a person holding a printed photo in front of the place where the printed photo was taken, creating one seamless photo of old and new. I’ve posted an example here. Accompanying the photos are one or two-line descriptions that heavy with nostalgia and wistfulness. Almost all of the photos have people in them, which I think adds to the nostalgia of the overlapping photos.

Do you have any photo-sharing sites that you subscribe to or regularly visit?

3 Responses to “Two Brilliant Websites for Photos”

  1. Laura Grainger says:

    I like your math pin. That happens way too often where we’re all trying to figure out how much money pay. Last time it happened I just said forget it put it on my card and the rest of you owe me money now. Luckily for me my friends all paid up. 🙂

  2. Jasmin says:

    That picture reminds me of this.
    Mind is boggled.

    Loving Pinterest by the way. Such a good site for crafts ideas. Dear Photograph is very personal. Make me teary. If you sent in a picture, what moment would you share?

    Oh, Makes me laugh before bed every night.

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      Good question–what would I submit? I’d have to look through my photo album. I really like the melancholy ones, so I’d find a way to do that. Maybe when I go home next I’ll try to make one happen.

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