Best Blog Comments for October 2011

Anne wins for best “when I was young” comment on Things I Learned About Myself by Traveling Abroad Alone: “I took the last train to the airport, stayed awake all night worrying that someone would mug me, got on a flight to Amsterdam, changed planes and flew to Birmingham, England, where I got on a … Read more

Can a “Team Player” Make $200 Million?

Much ado will be made in the next few months about certain free agents in baseball who will be shopping around for bigger and better contracts. Each of them will inevitably claim that they’re trying to do what’s best for their family, and then when they’re signed for the maximum possible amount, they’ll say that … Read more

Your Leap Hour

Every year, we turn the clocks back one hour in the fall. If you’re in the midwest, you experience 1:00-1:59 twice, and then you carry on as if nothing happened. But what if something different happened during that hour? What if that hour was a freebie, a blip in time, an hour that happens but … Read more

Ireland by Percentage so Far

If all I knew about Ireland came from the first day and a half of observations and experience, here are all the assumptions I’d make about Ireland: It rains 0% of the time. 99% of Irish people are thin and seemingly in shape. 50% of dogs that walk by me are somewhat interested in tasting … Read more

By the Time You Read This…

…I’ll be a stranger in a strange land. That’s right, I’m in Ireland. I’m writing this post on Wednesday, but I’ve scheduled it to publish at exactly the time that my plane sets down in Dublin. This trip is unlike any other I’ve ever taken. The only planning I’ve done is buying a plane ticket … Read more

The Three Lives of a Celebrity

I read an interview by Neil Patrick Harris in Entertainment Weekly the other day that made me really respect him as a celebrity. He touched upon something that I’ve talked about in the past, but he was way more eloquent. The subject is about blogging–how do I decide what to share and what not to … Read more

Do Common Interests Matter?

“What really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films – these things matter.” –John Cusack, High Fidelity You like U2, but she likes Garth Brooks. You like Star Wars, but she likes 27 Dresses (or even worse, Star Trek [kidding!]). You like football, she likes NASCAR. You like The … Read more