Best Blog Comments for October 2011

Anne wins for best “when I was young” comment on Things I Learned About Myself by Traveling Abroad Alone:

“I took the last train to the airport, stayed awake all night worrying that someone would mug me, got on a flight to Amsterdam, changed planes and flew to Birmingham, England, where I got on a train to Wales and then proceeded to party it up all night when I got there. And then I didn’t sleep the next day. Because I was insane.

“43 hours. On 43 hours of no sleep, you really, really learn who you are and what your limits are.”

On that same post, Sarah wins for best out-of-context comment:

“How many times will I wear a cheap T-shirt whose logo screams “I bought this shirt as a souvenir in Ghana”? Zero. How often do I wear the green glass necklace made by hand on the roadside by an old toothless guy melting down 7-up bottles with a blowtorch? All the time. With a smile.”

Funniest comment goes to T-Mac on I Lived Through the Floods of Dublin: A Survivor’s True Tale of Survival Against All Odds:

“Irish disasters just don’t sound so bad when you insert the names of their people and places into the story. I checked out the link at the top of your entry, and the second paragraph reads,

“A major rescue operation is underway in the Wicklow Mountains after a man was swept away near Ballysmuttan Bridge, close to the Sally Gap. Members of the Glen of Imaal and Dublin-Wicklow mountain rescue teams are at the scene.”

How could anything bad happen in the Wicklow mountains, near Ballysmuttan Bridge, or to the members of the Glen of Imaal? It all sounds like something from Lord of the Rings.”

The best advice comes from Georgia on By the Time You Read This:

“If you do get into a bareknuckle fist fight, sometimes these tactics work…

1. Placing your hand on your opponents forehead while they wildly swing their arms back and forth.

2. The “What’s that over there?” technique…point and say line on cue before being obliterated by a mean right hook.”

Brad wins “best answer to blog question” when I asked readers to say what they’d do if they had a temporal cloak that could erase one of their future actions from the annals of time in Your Temporal Cloak:

“I would lay on Vince Wilfork’s belly. For the uninitiated, Vince is a defensive tackle for the New England Patriots who has a stomach that looks like the world’s most comfortable pillow. It’s not the biggest stomach I’ve ever seen – that’s not the point. It has this perfect round shape that looks like it’s just firm enough to support your head during a good nap. I’m guessing Vince would say no if I asked him, so I would need the temporal cloak to get away with it.”

Red wins best analogy on The 7th Love Language:

“I’d compare building a relationship to Barbecue. Sure, I can grill a chicken breast in under 10 min. But with the right prep, commitment and patience, the best rack of ribs take hours to cook.”

And finally, the award for the best loincloth-related comment goes to Katie for this special request on a completely unrelated blog entry. This is the type of loincloth she’d like me to send her:

“Alpaca. It’s softer. And obviously more readily available than something as exotic as squirrels.”


5 thoughts on “Best Blog Comments for October 2011”

  1. T-Mac, I would second your protest, but I’m too busy working on my third straight month in the comment awards. Bring back the contrivances, Stegmaier!!!

  2. I bet if Brad ask Vince Wilfork real nicely, he’ll get to nap on his belly. I mean, look at that picture. He’s like signal someone to land their land head on that firm support belly of his, because he knows his belly is awesome.


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