By the Time You Read This…

…I’ll be a stranger in a strange land.

That’s right, I’m in Ireland. I’m writing this post on Wednesday, but I’ve scheduled it to publish at exactly the time that my plane sets down in Dublin.

This trip is unlike any other I’ve ever taken. The only planning I’ve done is buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel (a castle hotel, no less). I’m also going solo on this trip. I’m trying to stretch myself, step outside of my comfort zone, and give myself the freedom to grow. Sometimes you need to leave your every day life and all the patterns and habits and distractions that go along with it to move forward.

That said, it’s a little scary. I’m excited, but I’m also nervous. It hit me tonight that solo means solo. I’ve flown solo plenty of times, but this is the first time that no one is waiting for me at my destination. It’s freeing, but it’s scary.

I’ll be gone for about a week, and I’ll write about my adventures when I return. Unless, that is, I get swept up in an Irish gypsy bareknuckle boxing ring and have to fight my way home. That’s a distinct possibility.

3 thoughts on “By the Time You Read This…”

  1. Jamey, to plainly put it, I envy you. Enjoy your new freedom, and can’t wait to read about it when you come back. If you do get into a bareknuckle fist fight, sometimes these tactics work…

    1. Placing your hand on your opponents forehead while they wildly swing their arms back and forth.

    2. The “What’s that over there?” technique…point and say line on cue before being obliterated by a mean right hook.

    Hopefully this helps…and be safe! 🙂


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