Some Commercials Still Work

Some commercials still work. Kinda. When I say they “work,” I mean that I don’t fast forward by them. I mean that I actually watch some commercials. Because they’re entertaining. Because they move me. Because they make me feel something–pride, joy, nostalgia. Something. Do they make me want to buy products? Hardly ever. Although I … Read more

11 Blog Entries for Which I’m Thankful (Not Mine)

I’m thankful for the stories that my publishing company’s newest author is quietly spinning on his blog. I’m thankful for hilarious drawings in Microsoft Paint. I’m thankful for heartfelt drawings in Microsoft Paint. I’m thankful for learning from the greats. I’m thankful for stories of terrible dates. I’m thankful for when people choose to do … Read more

Do You Check the Weather?

The other day I was reading a report about what people do online. It’s a pretty cool infographic if you have the chance to check it out. A lot of the results are to be expected. But one statistic caught my eye: 81% of people check the weather online. The “online” part of that statement … Read more