Confession #17: The Clothing Spreadsheet

There are some ugly rumors floating around in the comments section regarding an alleged “spreadsheet” I used to maintain to keep track of my “outfits.”

I’m here to confirm those rumors.

When I was in high school, I ran into a daily decision of epic proportions: What to wear. Perhaps you had the same decision to make (unless you grew up in a nudist colony or went to a private school).

However, I had a very hard time remembering what I had worn on previous days. I simply don’t have that capacity in my memory. I would try to remember so that I wouldn’t wear the same outfit over and over again, but unless the item of clothing in question was in the laundry basket, I had no idea what I had recently worn.

I needed a system for recording outfits so that I could space them out. Hence the spreadsheet.

I wish I could show you the spreadsheet, because it was a thing of beauty. The tracking was fairly simple–dates ran horizontally while shirts and pants were in rows–but it was what I named my shirts that I wish I could share. Every shirt had a name. I don’t think I even had that many shirts, but almost all of them shared a color with another shirt, so I had to distinguish them from one another.

That system worked for years. I can’t remember exactly when I ditched it–maybe when I went to college–but my current system works without a spreadsheet. Shirts I haven’t worn in a while are on the left side of the rack, and after a I wear a shirt, I hang it on the right side of the rack, so they’re constantly filtering through the system chronologically. It works well.

But I still can’t tell you what I wore 2 days ago.

What’s your system for not wearing the same outfit every day by accident?