Leadership Tactic #65: Awesomeness

A quote from over on the Signal vs. Noise blog caught me the other day and has stuck with me ever since:

Who is the star of your product? Do you want people to think your product is awesome, or would you rather they felt awesome about themselves because they used your product?

This really got me thinking about the concept of striving for awesomeness when creating a product or providing a service. Specifically in terms of making the client feel awesome.

Think about this the next time you go out to eat. The server will probably greet you, tell you the specials, take a drink order. But instead, what if he asked, “What can I do to make this dinner or evening awesome for you?” Or perhaps he doesn’t even say it, but that’s his goal in everything he does for you.

Or maybe think about it today while you’re at work. How can you make your clients feel awesome today? How can you make your coworkers do awesome work and feel good about it? How can you make your students feel awesome about figuring out a tough problem?

It’s pretty easy to make yourself feel awesome.  But it’s really not that much harder to make the people around you feel awesome too–it’s just a different frame of reference. Try it for a day to see how it works. The person who creates the most awesomeness around them today gets 12 Jamey Points.

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