Best Blog Comments for November 2011

Before I launch into some of the amazing comments you all made on the blog this past month, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for making this month the most-read month on my blog since its inception five and a half years ago. The blog averaged 468 hits a day this month. Thank you for being a part of the conversation, even if that conversation happens offline or in your head. And thank you for sharing your favorite blog entries of mine with your friends.

On to the best comments, ordered chronologically:

The Most Well-Intentioned Violence Award goes to Trev for retaliation against poor writing in Gossip Girl (I’d recommend reading all comments from Trev on that post–he was really on a roll that day):

“I’m changing my “What would you do with your leap hour” answer. I’d punch the cast of Gossip Girl in the kidneys. According to IMDB, there are 10 characters who have appeared in more than half of the episodes, so I’d focus on them (even Kristen Bell, the narrator). That’s 6 minutes of kidney punches per cast member. I’d probably have to train like Rocky Balboa to throw 60 minutes of continuous punches, but I’m pretty sure it’d be worth it. Next year I’m going after the cast of Lost, and I’m shattering knee caps.”

The Best Insight Award goes to Jessie for this tip on initiating conversations with strangers (something I really struggle with):

“If you want a pointer on how to initiate conversations, think about what YOU would respond to if someone randomly approached you. Usually, a compliment, or a question about something. I’m from out of the country, and looking for a good place to grab a coffee and maybe a newspaper – do you have any suggestions? Oh, great, thanks! That other one you said, I take which tram stop? Thanks! Any places I shouldn’t miss while I’m in town? Oh, I’m a writer. What? Yes, really. What do you do? Sure, I have time to join you at your favorite coffee shop…”

The Best Comment About Ron Swanson Award goes to Katie on…on a blog entry about the show Community:

“Fact: Tom Selleck and Alex Trebeck both shaved off their mustaches when they first saw Ron Swanson. They knew they couldn’t even begin to compete with the raw masculine power that lies in Ron Swanson’s mustache.”

The Best Personal Revelation Award goes to Red for his description of how he wore his hair in high school:

“As for hair-dos, and don’ts, the majority of my high school career, I sported the Butt Cut: a center part, with varying amounts of undercut in the back. The fluffy drapes of thick red hair, had just the right wave to cover the eyebrows, not not the eyes. And when I pulled the bangs all the way down they would touch my lower lip.”

The Most Appreciated Support of a Tough Entry to Write That Peopled Seemed to Overlook the Point of Award goes to Anne for her comment on this entry about therapy:

“My husband and I did weeks of premarital counseling when we were engaged. It was really good and I am so glad we did it. My sister and her husband go to counseling about once every six months, just to “get their oil changed,” as they call it. I’ve been considering this for Rob and me for a while now. Not that we have “problems” so much as I just think it’s good to do. People maintain everything else in their lives; why do we think relationships are any exception?”

Funniest Retort goes to Sarah for my post about the lengths I’d go to get my clothes back from the dry cleaning lady:

“Silly Jamey. Being permitted to make sweet, sweet love to the dry-cleaning clerk requires a ticket, too. It’s different from the one required for picking up clothes, though, if memory serves.”

I don’t like for more than one comment on the same blog entry to win here, but my mom has to get credit for Worst News to Give Your Son on His Blog from the dry cleaning lady (DCL) entry:

“Well, as one who has lost her ticket — I know they made me a sign a book promising to give them my first born — oops that would be Jamey. yikes – Jamey you already belong to the DCL.”

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