Top Festivus Grievances of 2011: 11-20

We’re so close to the Top 10! Bryce had the dubious job of selecting the Top 10 through his Top 20 choices, even though it will be Neeraja who ranks them tomorrow.

20. The lack of book covers on e-readers: Can’t we see what trash you’re really reading?

19. People who constantly talk about their kids but who don’t want to see photos of my dogs.

18. Saying mean things and following them with “no offense.”

17. Bathrooms where you can see your own penis in the mirror while urinating. (Followed by: Opposed to what? Someone else’s penis?)

16. Zooey Deschanel. Your cuteness is clearly a trap.

15. 100 million women in the US buy tampons. Why are we all still obligated to feel embarrassed when we buy them?

14. That “Community” has been put on hiatus. (Followed by: And the fact that YOU don’t watch Community)

13. People who call you and when you call back 2 seconds later they don’t answer!

12. They never play Miles Davis at jazzercise.

11. People who ask: “Can I ask you a question?” Yes, that was it.

You can other grievances and Festivus-related posts earlier this week, and remember to drop by tomorrow night for the Top 10!

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