Top Festivus Grievances of 2011: 21-30

Today’s grievance rankings are brought to you from Gabby over in DC:

30. Any item of clothing that requires ironing. Seriously, it’s 2011—everything should be wrinkle-free by now.

29. English has no word equivalent to Krummspeck (“grief bacon” in German).

28. Being accused of giving someone “a look.”

27. Q-tips, according to “doctors,” are really bad for you. But why do they feel so good?

26. Putting the toilet paper with the flap against the wall. Why in the world would I want to reach further away?

25. Why did the mullet go out of style? Bring it back, if only for my amusement.

24. Anthony Weiner. You had everything going for you, and then you shaved your chest and took photos of yourself. Fail.

23. When a stranger stands in line next to you instead of behind you. I’m talking about you, creepy old man in jorts at the Tivoli.

22. The TWO men I was pursuing came out to me…this year alone. (Followed by: I’m straight. Let’s bang.)

21. Hipsters. (Followed by: Hipsters who make fun of other hipsters.)

Check back tomorrow for 11-20…we’re almost to the Top 10…

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