6 More Things Every Guy Should Know

Of all of my “things guys should know lists,” this one is probably the most gender-neutral. That’s right: If you have a neutral gender, you might derive value from this list. Well, except for #25…

Well pick up where we left off last time:

This post is for guys, so here's something for the ladies.

23. How to serve rice in a classy way. I learned this from my friend Eric. After you make some sticky rice, scoop it out of the pot with a quarter cup measuring cup. Put that aside for one second while you dress the plate with a fancy ziz-zag of sauce. Then take the measuring cup of rice, turn it upside down on the plate (square plates work best for this), and pat the top of it until the rice falls out. It’ll hold the shape of the measuring cup. Put a little sprig of something on top (really, anything green and leafy will do). Don’t reveal your secret.

24. How to laugh at yourself. Show your weaknesses, your indulgences, your mistakes, your doubts, your goof-ups to the world, and the world will love you for it. At least I think that’s what’s happening…

25. How to take off a bra with one hand. I may have put this on one of these lists before. I’m having deja vu. Regardless, you should know how to do this. I could describe it, but you’re better off looking on YouTube for a how-to video. And then practice on a willing subject. Use this power wisely once you attain it. Do not, for example, undo your girlfriend’s bra in a restaurant or at a dinner party while she’s at the table.

26. How to ask questions: Only ask questions about things you genuinely want to know. Once you start doing this, you’ll realize that there are a lot of things that you genuinely want to know, and they’re much more invigorating than all of those questions that you used to ask out of obligation or expectation. And you’ll get much more interesting, honest answers too.

27. Flirtation is the key to keeping chemistry alive. I’ve always wondered how I might be able to maintain a high level of chemistry with a woman after months or years or a lifetime. So much changes over time: Your looks, your personality, your interests, your friends, your priorities, your sleep schedule. But one thing that you have complete control over is how you flirt with your significant other. Make that choice every day. Flirt incessantly and shamelessly without expectation (don’t flirt to get something from your partner–flirt to give something to your partner…attention, love, a little hormonal surge. Any of those will do.)

28. Don’t complain on Facebook or Twitter unless it’s funny. This goes back to #24 a little bit. I would go as far as to say that this is a universal rule. It’s about more than finding a good way to engage and connect with people online. It’s also about finding a way to both feel your pain and find something lifegiving in it at the same time. Think about this the next time you have bad news or an annoyance to share on Facebook. How can you share it so that people will smile instead of taking pity on you?

How many of these do you already know and do?