Best of the Blog 2011

This week I’ll be posting all of my best-of lists for 2011, starting with this blog and moving on to songs, movies, and books.

Last year I posted an objective blog entry listing the top blog posts and most commented on blog posts of 2010. This year the blog grew by leaps and bounds, and I have all of you to thank for it. Whether you’re a new reader or a faithful follower, I really appreciate you being a part of this conversation.

I limited these lists to entries I published in 2011.

Top 5 Most Viewed

  1. How to Win at QuiBids 100% of the Time (8,271 views)
  2. How to Win at QuiBids 200% of the Time (4,160 views)
  3. The Tournament of Cuteness (607 views)
  4. Super 8: How Early Should You Reveal the Monster? (586 views)
  5. Tournament of Cuteness Final 4 (575 views)

Top 5 Most Commented

  1. Pet Peeve #5: Shared Facebook Profile Photos (54 comments)
  2. Do You Check the Weather? (30 comments)
  3. Do Common Interests Matter? (29 comments)
  4. I Lived Through Four Days Without Hot Water: A Survivor’s True Tale of Survival Against All Odds (28 comments)
  5. The Dealbreaker Survey (28 comments)

All-Time Best: 10 Fun Facts About Puerto Rico (15,956 views)

Total Page Views for 2011: 141,953 (compare to 70,394 in 2010)

RSS/Google Reader Subscribers: 61 (compare to 49 in 2010)

Alexa PageRank: 2,162,365 (compare to 4,912,656 in 2010)

What does this information say to you? Are there certain types of entries that you think create better conversation? What types of entries do you look forward to? Which types of entries do you share with other people?

13 thoughts on “Best of the Blog 2011”

  1. Wow! Good job, Jamey. Look at those numbers! People are suckers for cuteness. How about another round of cuteness tournament? Got any fun facts about Japan? Dating advices? Management quick facts? What’s it like to be vegan for a month? (Requires you to eat vegan and blog about your survival without meat.)

  2. I think it’s always good to get people involved, as you did in the Tournament of Cuteness, or anytime you have a poll. Also, my favorite blogs are the ones that stick to the personal side of life. In other words, I like to have a little window into the person’s life, and I’ll choose that over something generic any day.

  3. 2011 was a great year for the JSB (which is what I always call your blog in my head)! These top entries do not do justice to how great the JSB is. I look forward to your creative, funny, insightful, candid musings every weekday.

    I’ll give some thought to must-read topics for 2012…

    Meanwhile, I will speculate about the picture selection for this entry. These two women are clearly talking about how sexy an Alexa rating above 2.5 million is and how they only date men with more than 50 RSS/Google Reader subscribers. I’m pretty sure they added, “It’s not the number of blog hits that matters, it’s how many of them come back a second time.”

    • Thanks, Trev–that means a lot to me.

      I chose that photo because it was the most viewed (from searches) photo on my blog this year. It’s a generic stock photo, but as far as I know, you are correct in that the photographer’s instructions to the models were, “Talk about Jamey’s blog.”

      As for Puerto Rico, I think it’s awesome.

  4. As I reflect on this entry a little more, I’m also struck by the idea that you’ve probably confused well over 15,000 people who were considering visiting Puerto Rico 🙂

  5. Over 8% of your total hits had to do with the Qbids entries. More hits would come from more web how-tos with titles that correlate to simple searches.

    That your question blogs, “Do…?” when coupled with tangentially-related photos of hot women seem to generate a high rate of comments. I suspect that you intentionally increased these this year. With comment-sparked conversation being your expressed goal, I’d increase these slowly, because I think you’ll hit saturation.

    Also, I’d agree that the tournament of cuteness was on par with the Disney Characters posts of previous years. But I think you use them well, by not over-using them. Remember, though the Mexico Bats may be run by voting, the Here in teh US we’re a Democratic Republic. That means that people vote, but an individual makes the decision.

    Well done in 2011.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Red. Those are keen observations.

      I do have a new idea for a new type of tournament for this year. I’ll roll it out soon.


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