Best. Prank. Ever.

I love a good prank. By that I mean:

  1. An element of misdirection.
  2. An element of confusion.
  3. No hurt feelings or physical pain.
  4. No major inconvenience.

Here’s an example of a good prank I pulled a few years ago. But read on, because here’s an example of a great prank pulled on me last week.

I walked out to my car on Friday evening to find a layer of ice coating the entire car, so I was scraping the passenger side of the car when I noticed a sticker adorning the passenger door. My first reaction was that someone had placed a permanent sticker on my car. But I quickly realized that it was a large magnet, not a sticker…and that it had my phone number on it. I snapped a photo.

It was then that a few realizations struck me, causing me to laugh so hard for the entire drive home:

  1. I had been pranked.
  2. I had no idea when I had been pranked–I could have been driving around for days with that magnet on my car.
  3. I had potentially been driving around for days completely oblivious that I had a magnet on my car with my real phone number and the revelation that I loved cats.
  4. No one had yet to call me to take me up on the offer.

Of course, I had to post it on Facebook immediately. Within a few hours, the photo had generated more than 30 likes and over 40 comments. A few of my favorites:

From Jesus F: “I saw the magnet on Thursday morning and thought you were doing it on purpose for a blog post. I had one of those “oh, Jamey…” moments. Then it was still there yesterday, so I thought it was for real. And I thought, “Oh, Jamey…” again.”

My response: “That makes this even more hilarious, the fact that you (and possibly other people who know me) saw the magnet and didn’t even think it was a prank.”

And this one (I think I’m sooo clever):

From Sarah E: “I’d have loved to hear the story of when some girl with a cute phone voice called and you had no clue why she was asking you to “care for her cat”…now THAT just might take the cake!”

My response: “Especially if she uses a different word for “cat.””

In the end, it wasn’t until today that the prankster (my coworker, Linda) stepped forward. She was disappointed, as were many of the commenters, that I had discovered the magnet so early into the prank. I might consider putting it back on the car until I get a call or two, just for the story. We’ll see. What do you think?

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