My Favorite Movies of 2011

Out of the 68 movies I watched for the first time in 2011, there were quite a few 4-star movies (out of 5), but very few 4.5s and 5s. I’ve listed those top movies below.

  1. Midnight in Paris: The whimsy of this movie delighted me from the first scene to the last, and the theme of nostalgia has stayed with me like no other film’s theme this year.
  2. Harry Potter 7.2: The last few Harry Potter movies left me wanting, but this one fulfilled my every desire for closing out the series. 5 points for Gryffindor!
  3. Win Win: How such a simple movie made such an impact on me, I don’t know. It’s heartfelt, funny, and extremely well written.
  4. The Fighter: Amazing acting makes this movie stands out, and the fight scenes are some of the best I’ve ever seen on film. Amy Adams in her underwear certainly didn’t hurt.
  5. Real Steel: The best action movie of the year. It’s pure popcorn entertainment at its best.
  6. Captain America: The First Avenger: The best comic book movie of the year. And it’s a period piece!
  7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: This one is still fresh on my mind, but it deserves recognition for such a tight script and some truly chilling scenes. Rooney Mara is a revelation as Lisbeth Salander.
  8. Exit Through the Gift Shop: Probably the most fascinating documentary I’ve ever seen. It’ll let you into a hidden world that you know nothing about.

And my least favorite movies of 2011:

  1. The Hangover Part II
  2. Young Adult
  3. Your Highness
  4. Buried
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. The Dilemma
  7. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  8. Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

Here’s last year’s list. What were your favorite movies you watched for the first time in 2011?