My Favorite Songs of 2011

After learning about some new ways to discover music in 2011, picking the 18 best was quite difficult. Here’s my best effort. Keep in mind that some of this music was released before 2011, but I attained it this year. I’ve also linked to YouTube for your sampling pleasure (if the song was available).

  1. Ten-Twenty-Ten (The Generationals)
  2. Caught Up in the Laughter (Bluebrain)
  3. CPR/Claws Pt. 2 (Typhoon)
  4. Summer Home (Typhoon)
  5. Opposite Sides (The Epochs)
  6. You Know What I Mean (Cults)
  7. Lonely Boy (The Black Keys)
  8. Video Games (Lana Del Ray)
  9. Tongue Tied (Grouplove)
  10. Lost in Time (Whitley)
  11. Airplanes (Local Natives)
  12. My Body (Young the Giant)
  13. Main Street (Deer Tick)
  14. Guineafowl (Botanist)
  15. Condolences (Kelli Schaeffer)
  16. After the Storm (Mumford & Sons)
  17. Down in the Valley (The Head and the Heart)
  18. I’m on Fire (Chromatics)

What was your favorite song or artist of 2011?

For reference, here is last year’s list.

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Songs of 2011”

  1. This is agreat list and if you hadn’t already listed Lana Del Rey’s Vidoe Games, I would’ve posted it. Her voice is haunting.

    You know good music, Jamey.

    And Happy New Year!

  2. This year, my favorite album is “Bon Iver, Bon Iver”. Honorable mention to Iron & Wine’s “Kiss Each Other Clean”, “Chuck Berry in London”, and Richie Havens’ “Nobody Left to Crown”.

    • I mentioned on Facebook that for some reason, although I was excited about it, Bon Iver’s latest album didn’t stick with me. I think the endless falsetto in songs like Holocene diminishes its replayability. I can only handle so much falsetto (I’m looking at you, Coldplay).

      I’ll check those others out. Also, coincidentally, I just finished watching a movie from your recommendation: Catfish. Fascinating. Wow.


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