Pet Peeve #40: Non-Celebrities Asking Celebrities to Go to the Prom or Ball

Okay. This has to stop. Last year, a young woman in the Marines asked Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball. He accepted. Soon afterward, another Marine asked Mila Kunis to another Marine Corps Ball. She also accepted. Then, just a few days ago, a cancer-stricken high schooler asked Taylor Swift to the prom. She … Read more

Leadership Tactic #69: Positive Reinforcement and Jamey Points

I read a fascinating article the other day about a school in Chicago that charges students money when they start to accumulate demerits. Although I found the concept intriguing, it was this passage at the end about a different school district that really clicked with me: At Knowledge is Power Program, a network of 109 … Read more

The Friends You Don’t Actually Know

Today’s rare guest entry is brought to you by long-time reader and oft-honored Comment of the Month recipient Brad. He taps into the world that we all float through every day, the world of people we see day after day–maybe at work, maybe in the park, maybe in your apartment building–and yet never really know … Read more

A Weird Love Story

Sometimes you find love in unexpected places. It creeps up on you and when you realize it’s real, you know you have to have them in your life full time. You even ask them to move in, and you’ve only known them for 2 weeks. You make lists of things that you think you want: … Read more