7 Additional Things Every Man Should Know

As usually, most of these are gender neutral. So unless you want a day off from my daily blog, ladies, you might find some value in these 7 tips.

We’ll start where we left off last time:

29. Guy time doing a typical “guy” thing–like a poker night–is crucial. Remember back in the day, when cavemen split off from the cavewomen for a few hours each day to hunt sabertooths and wildebeests? They did that because guy bonding is important. It’s in our genes. It provides a healthy release of all that testosterone we build up every day. I personally think that poker nights with low buy-ins are ideal for this purpose. There’s a competitive spirit, but the intent behind the night is social time. And yes, there’s your fair share of mocking and jesting and tomfoolery over a few hands of Texas Hold-Em, but there’s also talk about relationships and personal stuff. When it’s just the guys, it’s a surprisingly safe space to be open and vulnerable.

30. What to do when your car key won’t turn in the ignition. I have two car-related tips today, mostly because I know nothing about cars, and whenever I learn something I feel like I should share it with all the other guys in my generation who know nothing about cars. The trick when your key won’t turn is to force your steering wheel to move. You can try this on park or in neutral, but as long as you can get your steering wheel to engage a little bit, the ignition should unlock and you can start your car. The reason this works is very complicated and involves terms like “lugnut” and “flux capacitor.”

31. Changing a car headlight is surprisingly easy.  From the amount car repair shops charge you for this service, you’d think that it involved them completely disassembling your car and rebuilding it around the new headlight. Not so much. Every car is a little different, but it’s probably a two- or three-step procedure outlined in your owner’s manual that may not even require any tools. If you can’t figure it out, just call Trev and he’ll take care of it for you in exchange for a pizza.

32. Relax your face. This might end up being the title of my autobiography. We carry so much tension in our faces all the time. Stop reading this for one second and relax your face. Then, while it’s still relaxed, relax it again. That’s how tense your face was–tense enough that it took two conscious steps to relax it! The next time you’re stressed, sit back and relax your face for a minute. Do it.

33. Know how to kiss. I don’t know how other dudes kiss, but I asked Facebook today if there were any items to add to tonight’s blog entry, and Jennifer K. suggested this: “How to kiss gently. My mouth is not like a piece of bread you used to jab your tongue through and then wiggle it around when you were a kid.” Here’s my version of that tip, for men and women: The next time you kiss someone, stop trying all those little habits and tricks and maneuvers that you’ve picked up over time and just try to kiss the other person exactly the same way that they’re kissing you. I’m not saying you should do that every time, but it’s an exercise that will make you more aware of the other person, which is what kissing’s all about.

34. When you get rid of dress shoes, save the laces for your next pair of dress shoes. This is a frugal tip, but I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. Laces always break at the worst possible time, like when you have to tie your shoes and go to work and not look like an 18th-century homeless man. So you should always have a spare pair of laces on hand. A backup to that spare are the laces from your previous pair of dress shoes. Seriously, this saved me the other day.

35. If you decide you don’t want to go on a date, just tell the woman you don’t go on the date—don’t make up a lame excuse. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from a woman that this has happened to her while dating, and it blows my mind. You all know that women realize that you made up a lame excuse, right? It makes you look stupid and it makes them feel bad, so it’s a lose-lose scenario. If you make plans with someone and then realize you’re not into them, tell them you’re not into them and cancel the date. Sure, approximately 10% of women will be all, “How do you know you’re not into me if you’ve never met me?” That’s always fun. But the other 90% will appreciate your honesty, even if it stings a little to hear. Women, if you need to clarify this point, please do so in the comments–and keep in mind that this one applies to you too.

I look forward to reports on the exercises described in #32 and #33 in the future.