Pet Peeve #40: Non-Celebrities Asking Celebrities to Go to the Prom or Ball

Okay. This has to stop.

Last year, a young woman in the Marines asked Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball. He accepted.

Soon afterward, another Marine asked Mila Kunis to another Marine Corps Ball. She also accepted.

Then, just a few days ago, a cancer-stricken high schooler asked Taylor Swift to the prom. She declined, but she instead invited him to attend an awards show as her date.

Here’s the thing: Kudos for having the guts to ask. Even asking a fellow high schooler takes guts, much less a famous person. Also, kudos to Timberlake, Kunis, and Swift for accepting. Good publicity, sure, but also very cool.

But please, people, stop doing this.

Okay, fine, so maybe there's ONE celebrity that I wouldn't mind going on a date with. That makes me just as creepy as these other people.

Part of it is that you’re putting celebrities in an incredibly uncomfortable position. If they say no, they look bad. If they say yes, they just agreed to go to the dance with a perfect stranger (more on that in a second).

Another part is that for every video that goes viral enough that a celebrity’s PR rep hears about it, there are thousands of videos that have about 3 views on YouTube. Just because you’re good at getting people to watch your video doesn’t mean you’re any more “worthy” to have a celebrity date. (Not that celebrities are any better than us common folk. It’s just that their job is making movies or albums, not going on dates with strangers.)

That brings me to my final point: It’s creepy.

Think about it. These people are asking total strangers to be their date to the dance. Think back to when you watched Friends every Thursday. Those people kind of felt like your friends, right? You knew their likes and dislikes, their quirks, their dating history.

Newsflash: You don’t know those people. On top of that, the people you think you know are actually just characters on a TV show. We don’t know what Timberlake or Kunis or Swift are like as people. We simply know their characters and their personalities.

Imagine tomorrow if you got on YouTube and watched an 18 year old go on and on about how much he wants to go to the prom with you. You’d be creeped out, wouldn’t you? Because it’s creepy.

What do you think? Would you ever ask out a celebrity on YouTube? Who?

Also, today marks the 6th anniversary of Twins Day, a day at my old job that was even creepier than people asking out celebrities on the Internet.