Anatomy of a Cat Fight

Does this count as a blog entry?

Walter’s on the left (new cat), and Biddy’s on the right. Walter weighs about half of what Biddy weighs (although Biddy has lost 3 pounds since I got him Walter as an exercise buddy).

"You awake?"
"Hunger Games attack! I'm Catniss!"
"Dude, it's 'Katniss.' She's not a cat."
"Catniss will eat your face! She can feel the hunger of the games!"
"Have you even read the book?"
"I'm waiting for the movie! No spoilers!"

8 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Cat Fight”

    • I second that! It would be a better blog if there were captions. 🙂 Your readers (well at least 2 of us) have spoken.

  1. Okay, I just filled in the captions. Thanks for the idea!

    Nobody wins when there’s a cat fight. And everyone wins.


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