The Most Awkward Person

The people have spoken, and I’d like to officially declare Kendall the Most Awkward Person in the 2012 Tournament of Awkwardness!

Congratulations to Kendall and the many, many witnesses to her awkwardness. Thanks for all of the stories. I think my favorite line still comes from Kendall herself: “Would a popular kid wear a Christmas shawl for a week before learning from her sister that it was in fact a tree skirt?”

Point taken, Kendall.

Decidedly unawkward is Kendall’s insistence that I donate the full $50 to the charity of her choice. Kendall explains this in her message below:

Thanks to all who voted me awkward – friends, family, coworkers, and virtual acquaintances. I appreciate the win and tip my hat to Sarah, a seriously awkward and worthy competitor. It was a well-fought battle but I’m glad I wound up on top.

Thankfully, it was for a good cause. Since I serve as the Executive Director of the Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD), a worthy little charity that does big things, there was no hesitation what charity the winning proceeds – all $50 – would go. A little about my charity:

Our Foundation is committed to establishing and administering educational opportunities to citizens of Virginia to become good stewards of our environment and natural resources. We work with land owners and farmers, sponsor conservation workshops, and educate the next generation through hands on programs like Youth Conservation Camp and the Dominion Envirothon Natural Resources Competition.

You can learn more about our work at or on Facebook.

The check is in the mail, Kendall. Thank you for being ridiculously awkward.

To Sarah, the runner up who fought valiantly through the entire competition, I don’t want you to go home empty handed, so I’d like to give you an exclusive advance reader copy of my publishing company’s latest novel, Slant of Light by Steve Wiegenstein. Thank you for being so incredibly awkward.

Last, as a little bonus, I thought it might be fun to have one last awkwardness poll for the innocent–but awkward–bystanders who upstaged the real contestants in a few of the photos. This is just for fun. Thank you all for making this last month on the blog so much fun! Feel free to stick around–I write every day!

Caitlin's brother
John's dad
Trevor's sister

8 thoughts on “The Most Awkward Person”

  1. Beautifully and graciously done, Kendall. I’d like to match the contribution to your charity, which sounds like it does a tremendous amount of good. (Jamey, can you please email me with the mailing address for donations?)

  2. Sarah – How sweet of you. It really is a great charity that I’m honored to be a part of. If you’d like to contribute, you can send donations to attn: Kendall Tyree, 7308 Hanover Green Drive, Suite 100, Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111. Checks payable to VASWCD Education Foundation. Thanks!

  3. (Sarah’s sister here…)

    Congratulations Kendall! It’s been a lot of fun following this tournament.
    I have to say, the whole thing reminded me of the time that Sarah ran for student council. Bless her dorky heart. She was trying to come out of her shell and she thought she had some good ideas for the school, but she fell into one of the classic blunders: The first of which is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly lesser known is “Never run for student council unless you’re already obscenely popular.”
    Her campaign speech didn’t say much out of the ordinary, but it did have the distinction of being the only one involving sock puppets. Oh yes. Sock puppets. Never before or since have I seen a gym full of 400 students in such bewildered silence.
    Deliciously awkward. That’s why we love her!

  4. For as much as I felt like part of an intense competition during the tournament, the bond I felt upon voting for John’s dad and seeing my vote overwhelmingly supported restored the unity among this blog community. Well done Jamey, in bringing people together by celebrating adult costumed awkwardness. And cheers to John’s dad, may he still have and wear that outfit.


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