There Are Two Types of People in the World

There are two types of people in the world:

  • Those who think the world is out to get them every step of the way, and those who never have that thought cross their mind.
  • Those who like surprises, and those who don’t.
  • Those who laugh at every joke, and those who are selective with their laughter.
  • Those who are always thinking about life, and those who simply experience it.
  • Those who are happy where they are, and those who always want to find someplace (or someone) better.
  • Those who can admit when they’re wrong, and those who can’t.
  • Those who preheat, and those who don’t.
  • Those who love the Duke basketball team, and those who rejoice when they lose.

What type of person do you choose to be?

6 thoughts on “There Are Two Types of People in the World”

  1. Based on a list of 7 variable either-or questions, aren’t there far more than two types of people? For instance, the person who selects option 1 for all of the first 6 questions then cheers when Duke falls? I’m the worst at math ever, so perhaps some mathmatician or 9th grader can figure out how to calculate this. (I thought it might be 7 factorial, then I sighed and gave up.)

    I’m curious, actually, if you’re suggesting that one of these types is a good type and one is a bad type.

    • Trev–Good point. According to this, there are 2^7 types of people in the world, or 128.

      I think there are “correct” answers to some of them and more subjective answers to others. For example, I like people who are easy laughers and I’m almost always that type of person, but I don’t look down on those who are a little more selective with their laughter. As long as they laugh at my bad jokes.

  2. Can I suggest a 3rd type of person in the Duke category? Those who are apathetic towards the college basketball and can’t wait for March Madness to be over. 🙂

    • No, I need to suggest a fourth that works with Katy’s: Those who are apathetic towards the college basketball.

      So apathetic they don’t really notice that March Madness is going on at all, thus cannot be anticipating its end.

      (nods) Clearly the build up to NHL playoff season is more important for March.

    • Apathy suggests that you don’t care how long it lasts. Sounds like the proposed party is actually indifferent as to the results, but would prefer that NCAA Basketball not interrupt their lives.


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