Top 10 Survival Tips for Introverts at Social Events

If you like this entry, feel free to check out my Kickstarter campaign for a board game I invented called Viticulture. Board games happen to be perfect social lubricants for introverts. I’m an introvert. Myers-Briggs tells me that I’m a very low introvert, but I think that’s because I’ve learned to cope with some social … Read more

The Lost Legends of Childhood

Today’s guest post is brought to us by frequent commenter Brad. My first year of collecting baseball cards was 1991.  Nothing in my life at that time beat the thrill I got when opening a pack.  Ken Griffey, Jr?  Jose Canseco (don’t laugh), dare I say it…OZZIE!?!?  There was no telling what joy awaited me … Read more

Life and Death for a Family Member vs. a Pet

Consider the following scenario: Your 78-year-old father gets in a terrible car accident. He lives, but machines and a cocktail of medications are the only things keeping him alive. He can’t communicate at all. The doctor says that they can perform an experimental and very expensive surgery to possibly save your father’s life, but he’ll … Read more

The Power of Laughter Yoga

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Emma, a reader and frequent commentor on the blog. She accepted my Two-Month Gauntlet over five weeks ago, and she’s already bringing her dream to reality! In 2008, I went to Florence to visit my sister, who was studying abroad. On our mini trip to Athens, Greece, … Read more