Pet Peeve #42: The Kissy Face

Women of the world: Please stop making the kissy face in photos. Even ironically.

Really. I mean for this to help you. Just smile. You look fantastic when you smile.

I don’t quite know how the kissy face originated, but it seems to happen most often when women take group photos. Suddenly you’re all rock star models!

It’s one of those things like Ugg Boots or puffy North Face coats: When you’re all doing the same thing together, you think you look great doing so. Unfortunately, everyone just ends up looking silly.

There should be an Flickr app for replacing kissy faces with smiles. It would salvage millions of unfortunate photos.

I think the general concept of making unfortunate faces at the camera goes well beyond the kissy face, but it seems to me that most silly faces get discontinued after a while. For example, for most of middle and high school, I decided it would be better to make the following face at the camera instead of smiling. It was my trademark look, but really, it was a defense mechanism because I had braces. I ruined hundreds of photos with this face. Fortunately I stopped doing it after I got my braces off.

Why should you care about how I think you look in photos? You shouldn’t. Rather, think ahead 60 years to when you look back in your photo album to relive the good ole days. You’ll smile fondly at the photos and remember how young and naive and unwrinkly you were. You’ll turn page after page of the album and see the kissy face, time after time. And I’d bet anything that you’ll think, “I really wish I had smiled instead of making that ridiculous face.”

Also, somewhat related to photos, I’ve started a Tumblr. There’s no need to follow it if you already follow this blog, as it will merely contain a small snippet embedded in a photo every day to link to the full blog entry here, but if it’s easier for you to follow me there, it’s there for you. Just like this guy will always be there for you on a rainy day: