Pet Please #65: Good Cop/Bad Cop

There are few things I love more in this world than good cop/bad cop.

This classic cop movie move is best applied in real life in situations where it is in no way necessary (or appropriate) for one person to be overly kind and compassionate and the other overly angry and aggressive.

In fact, I would say that you should use good cop/bad cop in any situation that involves you paired with someone else. Here are some examples for the workplace:

  • making a sales call
  • interviewing a prospective employee
  • asking your boss for an extended lunch break

But don’t limit good cop/bad cop to the workplace. Here are some other real-world applications:

  • parenting (just make sure you switch off to keep your kids/cats on their toes)
  • going out to eat (the good cop should tip in this scenario, and tip well at that)
  • buying anything, no matter how small (great at farmer’s markets)

If you’ve never tried this, please do. Just make sure going into the situation that the two of you are clear on who the good cop is and who the bad cop is. Also, note that the good cop must remain calm, composed, and sympathetic, and the bad cop must swipe at least one item off of the table or punch a file cabinet (you may need to provide your own table or file cabinet if you’re not in an office).

Have you ever pulled off a successful good cop/bad cop? Where would you like to try it?



4 thoughts on “Pet Please #65: Good Cop/Bad Cop”

  1. I realize this might get me permanently banned, but I loathe Community. Loathe. I would rather watch the entire series of According to Jim with director’s commentary than watch one episode of Community.

    That is all.

  2. I’m not giving in on this. They hit the jackpot one time with the first paintball episode, then quickly turned into the kid from high school who gets laughs by mocking everyone else, yet has nothing of substance to offer the world. Name one laugh Community has ever given you outside of the parody episodes


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