Best Friends Forever

My family reunions are somewhat unique in that they are the combination of not just my mother’s side of the family, but also a whole other clan of people that we’re not related to at all. The reason for this is rather remarkable and beautiful, so I thought I’d share it with you as I … Read more

The Rules of Scrapple

1. The first rule of scrapple is: You do not talk about the contents of scrapple. 2. The second rule of scrapple is: You do not talk about the contents of scrapple. 3. Scrapple come in a brick about the size of…well, a brick. You cut the brick into about 12 slices–not too thick, not … Read more

The One Time I’m an Extrovert

I always cringe a little when someone says, “Sometimes I’m an extrovert, but other times I’m an introvert.” Introversion and extroversion are personality characteristics that are constant–they don’t change based on the situation. That’s like saying that sometimes you’re a man and sometimes you’re a woman. Just because you might act like a woman (or … Read more

Ladder Golf

What do you do when you go to the beach? One of the things my family does is play a game called ladder golf. I personally think it’s one of the best beach games because it involves a number of people, it requires very little physical activity or skill, and the games move quickly. Have … Read more

The World’s Best Ribs

I’m at the beach for a family reunion right now (a bi-annual tradition). As part of that tradition, my Uncle Mike makes The world’s best ribs for the whole family. The secret is a combination of removing the membrane so the ribs fall off the bone, adding the homemade sauce, the pre-baking to get the … Read more

The Celebrity Apprentice

I had a brush with celebrity yesterday. It was a little weird. I can’t name the celebrity, but for the effectiveness of this blog entry, I will say that this person truly is a major celebrity. I got a text from my boss yesterday saying that I needed to drop everything and mail something to … Read more

The Forgotten

Today I was in the area of a Lion’s Choice (it’s essentially Arby’s, St. Louis style) for lunch, so I offered to pick up food for a coworker. However, I got so excited when I saw they had root beer floats on the menu (they’re my kryptonite, if kryptonite is delicious and drinkable) that I … Read more

The Mad Man of 2012

I tried to create a video blog this past weekend, but the two ideas I tried didn’t work out so well. The first involved me doing as many pullups in a row as possible. This was a terrible, terrible idea. Not only did it make for a really boring video, but I’m pretty sure I … Read more