The 5-Year Anniversary: The Georgia Peach

For your reference, here's what Biddy looked like 5 years ago. If your heart just imploded from cuteness overload, I apologize.

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of this blog. That’s right, I started writing way back on June 5, 2007. I didn’t think I’d write much, but within a few weeks I was writing 5 times a week. That means I’ve written about 1,300 blog entries over the last 5 years.

I used LiveJournal back then. My blog entries were unfocused but decent–I just went back and read a bunch of them, and I was pleasantly surprised. I might repost one tomorrow that generated particularly good conversation. Since conversation has evolved into the the purpose of my blog, that seems appropriate.

But today I want to share a little treat with you. Back in 2007 I was living with a girlfriend who had a truly superb sense of humor. Every once in a while she’d share that humor with my blog readers in the form of special entries that mocked me and my quirks. I love self-deprecating humor, so hosting those entries in this space was pleasure for me.

While I was reliving the early glory days of my blog, I looked back at a few of these entries, and they’ve withstood the test of time. The entry below is the best of the best, so I have reposted it in its original glory below.

A Georgia Peach…and I’m not talking about the drink

Jamey and I recently went to a wedding in Savannah, Georgia. We met up with a couple of friends while we were there and decided to go get some drinks before the rehearsal dinner. A few people ordered beers, I ordered a gin and soda, and Jamey, always classy, ordered off of the bar’s extensive martini list. His selection, which he claimed would “refresh and invigorate him,” was the Georgia Peach.

This is a classic Jamey move, and by now, being used to his ridiculousness, I figured that the waitress would bring him a peach-colored martini, we’d all exchange concerned looks as he got all excited, and then we’d move on. But alas, it was not that easy.

The drink they brought Jamey was bright orange, in a martini glass, and had hot orange sugar and a peachy-0 delicately balanced on the rim of the glass (apparently the piece de resistance of the Georgia Peach martini).

I comforted myself with the thought that at least we were in a tiny, dark bar and no one but the waitress would really every know what Jamey ordered. Just as I breathed a sigh of relief, Jamey asked the waitress, “Are we allowed to take our drinks to the park?”, and points to one of the nearby, garden-esque squares that Savannah is so famous for.

Of course we were allowed to drink in the park. So much to my chagrin, Jamey paraded into the square, Georgia Peach in hand. In full view of the public.

Jamey proceeded to nurse his fluorescent, pretty drink for the next hour while trying to side-step and nonchalantly dance his way into an old-people party in the square that was unfortunate enough to be right by where we were sitting. Inhibitions in full command (despite the fact that he claimed his drink was “unusually strong”), Jamey didn’t get more than a few feet away from our bench before turning back.

All of this is pretty standard if you know Jamey, but I promise you, this drink took things to the next level—a level you can only fully appreciate by seeing it for yourself! See Exhibit A, above.

15 thoughts on “The 5-Year Anniversary: The Georgia Peach”

  1. My sweet boyfriend, who doesn’t enjoy the taste of alcohol, ordered a pina colada at a fancy restaurant while we were on vacay at the beach (with my parents). This is bad enough, but THEN he got all excited about the cherry on top and proceded to drink it reeeeeeeallly quickly. It was like it was a freaking milkshake.

    So, here’s to men who love girly drinks. Cheers to your bold masculinity!

  2. Here’s to five glorious years! Your stubborn adherence to the Sex-in-the-City Cocktail menu is matched by your persistent dedication to providing amusing, thought-provoking, and moving content to your loyal readership.

    If I were in your condo now (after explaining why I’m in your condo while you sleep), I’d raise a glass (or my coffee mug) to the 5-year look into the mind of Jamey.

  3. Congratulations Jamey! To celebrate you should do what you ACTUALLY wanted to do listed above; order an equally similar drink, and try to crash a party in the elderly community! (It would only be right.) Just make sure you dance with each and every old lady…

    What a great story! 🙂 What a great 5 year run!

      • Come on over to my condo! I’m pretty sure the median age here is roughly 68. But I love it because they’re quiet, they’re always leaving baked goodies on my doorstep, and I have retirees that stay home all day and can buzz in maintenance men for me so I don’t have to take off work. Like a few weeks ago when I went without A/C for 9 days. How’s that for a true survival story! 🙂

        Baby Biddy just melted my heart, by the way. He’s about one step away from the sad eyes Puss in Boots gives to Shrek.

        • So much to respond to here, Katie:

          First, is your leg still broken?

          Second, do you offer Georgia peaches as drinks?

          Third, old people are awesome, and I can see them being great neighbors.

          Fourth, you need to write a survival guest entry about your 9 days. It should easily top mine.

          Fifth, Baby Biddy was precious. Look at those ears! I often ask him if he remembers how cute he was as a baby. I’ll always view him as a kitten, of course, but he can no longer crawl into my shoes like he could back then.

          • 1. Yes, the leg is still broken unfortunately. Oh how I was hoping it would spontaneously heal itself over the past two weeks, but it was not to be. Surgery tomorrow at 5:30am. I guess I’m getting some bone removed from my ankle that has become disloged. Apparently 90% of the population doesn’t even have that bone, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok without it. Plates and screws for the other bones I broke, and a long road to recovery after that.

            2. Fruity concoctions aren’t my specialty, but I’m prety sure they could be added to the menu.

            3. Old people are truly the best neighbors, as long as they aren’t nosy. Mine are pretty good about that though. And now we get to commisserate about our health and various surgeries, which they love doing!

            4. I was lucky enough that it was mild and in the low-to-mid seventies for most of that time, but there were a few very hot days at first. One night it got up to 90 degrees in here, so we said goodbye to our abode and found refuge elsewhere. I fully expected that I would have to fight off looters when we returned the next day, but I was prepared to defend my territory. Plus, one look at me in my handcrafted loincloth yielding a deceptively light broadsword would have surely sent them running for the hills.

            5. Do cats have to grow into their ears like dogs grow into their paws?

            • I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have Wolverine’s healing abilities. I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow!

              Maybe the old people have some fruity concoctions we could use.

              I’m glad to hear that you resorted to a loincloth/broadsword combo when your AC went out. I picture female loinclothes looking like the over-the-shoulder Speedo from Borat (or was it Bruno? One of the two).

              I think cats must grow into their ears, because Biddy’s ears are still the same size!

  4. Congrats on the 5-year anniversary, Jamey! What an accomplishment! I can’t believe you’d have ideas for that many blog entries! That’s awesome!

    • Thanks Katie! The funny thing is, as I went back and read some of those really old entries, I wrote about some of the same exact topics that I’ve written more recent entries on. I don’t remember writing about those topics at all! Sometimes I worry that I’ve already written a pet peeve or leadership topic. You all will have to keep me honest if you see me going senile. 🙂

  5. I like the good vs evil aspect of that picture. Black vs white shirt, clean cut Jamey vs. grizzled me, and crisp refreshing fruity beverage vs dark gloomy beer. Also my face is awefully flushed despite the fact that I don’t remember being drunk.

    • Ha ha…that’s awesome, Gabby. It was a bold move of you to wear a black shirt in the hot Savannah sun.

  6. 5 years!? Wow! Way to go, Jamey.

    Well, here’s a toast to five more years of blogging. And many more. Written ones and vblogs. Also, to more girly drinks! Georgia Peach for all!
    *Double fisting the George Peach*


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