The Mad Man of 2012

I tried to create a video blog this past weekend, but the two ideas I tried didn’t work out so well. The first involved me doing as many pullups in a row as possible. This was a terrible, terrible idea. Not only did it make for a really boring video, but I’m pretty sure I pulled a boob attempting it.

The second involved me filming my furry cat, Walter, as he sat on my bed. He’s really cute, and the HD camera on my iPad is incredible, but again, who wants to watch a video of a cat sitting on a bed for 2 minutes?

Fortunately I know of someone out there who is creating awesome things so I don’t have to subject you to these videos. His name is Shawn, and he’s a former suitemate of mine from college. Shawn founded a very successful website right out of college, and at this point he’s creating a portfolio as he searches for jobs in advertising.

Shawn sent me a few of his designs, and several of them blew me away. Basically, he took products that have successful advertising campaigns and made them better. Much better. These are just mockups, but you’ll get the idea. Here are my 5 favorites:

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever thought of a really clever advertising campaign?

You can see more of Shawn’s portfolio here.