The One Time I’m an Extrovert

I always cringe a little when someone says, “Sometimes I’m an extrovert, but other times I’m an introvert.”

Introversion and extroversion are personality characteristics that are constant–they don’t change based on the situation. That’s like saying that sometimes you’re a man and sometimes you’re a woman. Just because you might act like a woman (or man) sometimes doesn’t not mean that you are that gender.

The same goes for introversion and extroversion. Introverts are energized by being by themselves. They can enjoy being around people, but that’s not what energizes them. The converse is true for extroverts.

Despite the fact that I cringe at the misuse of those terms, I’m going to say essentially the same thing: For one week every two years, I’m an extrovert during my family reunion.

It’s as if some internal switch flips and I truly want to be around people all the time during these family reunions. I know that they only happen once every 104 weeks, and so I want to soak in every moment with these people I love. I find myself wandering almost instinctively to spaces with no people or few people to find larger groups of people (we’re spread out over 4 units within the same building).

If you’re an introvert, are there any times that you’re truly an extrovert? Again, keep in mind that this is different than simply enjoying the presence of other people. Let me ask it this way: Are there certain social activities that you would rather do than spend that week alone? And for extroverts: Are there any alone-time activities that you would rather do for a week than spend that time with other people?

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  1. Interesting question. Aside from the usual stuff, I enjoy alone time period. I think everyone regroups. Sometimes I will go hiking or yoga treks or wine-tasting by myself. Other times, I will take in a lecture series or concerts by myself. I recently went to a convocation in BevHills about positive-oriented movies, as in movies with positive messages and things. Coincidently, there was a couple of Psychology experts that spoke on various topics including socializing.

    Additionally, even though I was there alone and wanting to be alone, I ended up socializing at the convocation for one reason or another. One fellow Gluten-intolerant gal and I spoke at the food stand about condiments. “I bring my own stuff just in case,” she said. I then sat and re-read a chapter of, “Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.” Moments later, as if in a RomCom, I spoke to the guy whose chair I borrowed after he bought coffee.

    But it is nice to have those moments where you get lost in thought or what not. In fact, when I hike alone, it’s almost like I can hear myself think a little better. I think everyone can appreciate the other side of the spectrum at any time.

    Carl Jung would say that although these traits are opposites, that does not necessarily mean they’re always exclusive. That extroversion and introversion are part of a continuum.


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