A Cup for Every Liquid

I have a theory that there is an ideal cup for every liquid, one that facilitates the flow of that liquid into your mouth for maximum enjoyment.

The Irish seem to share this theory. When I traveled to Ireland in October of 2011, I tried to drink as many Irish beers as possible (not all at one time), and I discovered that each beer was served in a uniquely shaped glass. I’m sure you’ve seen the same for other beers (Stella Artois comes to mine).

But I think this extends well beyond beer (and, obviously, wine). And this is where it varies from person to person. I prefer specific cups for the liquids I drink every day:

  • water — wide-mouth plastic cup (or plastic water bottle for soccer days)
  • juice — wide-mouth plastic cup
  • milk — standard beer glass
  • beer — 12-ounce can (yes, I know–blasphemy. But it’s how I roll)
  • martinis/mixed drinks — short round glass (no stem)
  • wine — stemless glass
  • coffee — N/A (I only drink frappacinos. I like the wide frappacino straws, though)
  • soda — standard beer glass, three ice cubes

I’m sure everyone has very different tastes when it comes to cups. Have you noticed that you use the same cup for specific liquids? What are your preferences?

4 thoughts on “A Cup for Every Liquid”

  1. – I drink a ton of water and I like to have a water bottle with a flip lid or a straw. I like the non-disposable ones because I can drink a 16oz bottle in 5 minutes and I just don’t feel good about going through dozens of disposable bottles a week.
    – juice – I don’t drink it…too much sugar!
    – milk – standard glass
    – beer – I prefer bottles to cans but either will suffice.
    – fruity drinks/mixed drinks – small tumbler
    – wine – Dixie cups (just kidding, I like red wine, so the cab glasses are quite nice)
    – coffee – something insulated so it won’t get cold too quickly…and preferably big so I can drink that much more coffee!!!
    – soda (or, as we call it here in Bham, “coke”) – I prefer my Diet Dr. Pepper in a Chick-fil-a cup, because they have the BEST DDP ever!!!

  2. Water- At work I use a giant plastic double-walled cup with lid and straw, and refuse to replace it despite the fact that it’s been dropped so many times the outside at the bottom has been duct taped together and the lid is cracked. At home, a wide mouth plastic cup will suffice.
    Juice- Little plastic cup (or the reusable “water cup” with a ton of ice).
    Milk- Little cup/glass… unless it’s chocolate milk, then only a beer sized glass will work.
    Wine- Wine glass… or mason jar–super classy. 🙂
    Beer- Bottle, can, or standard beer glass (I think they are called Pilsner glasses).
    Fruity Drinks/Smoothies- The giant plastic “water cup” is my go-to favorite because of the wide straw.
    Coffee- Insulated travel mug with spill proof lid.
    Soda- Disposable paper cup with lid and straw, since I only really drink soda at the movies or a baseball game.

    Pretty much the “water cup” is used for anything I drink on a regular basis, and it goes almost everywhere I do.

  3. I personally like to have a strict rotation schedule for my coffee mugs. Monday’s coffee just tastes better when it comes out of the royal blue, made in England, 1988, Nebraska mug, or Saturday’s coffee isn’t the same without the extra tall, extra thick, green Starbucks mug.

  4. I drink a LOT of both hot and iced tea. I recently started going to QT, and they have just the cup for me. It’s your standard 32 or 34oz plastic thermal cup with plastic handle, snap-on lid with sliding guard (to open and close) which also fits most standard cup-holders. It’s pretty well-balanced (doesn’t tip over when top-heavy), can go in the Microwave, keeps hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold. I can take it anywhere, it holds a lot of liquid. I’m not thrilled with the lid, but I only snap it on when I’m driving and the cup is full.


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