My Greatest Fear #33: That I Can Smell Toxic Odorless Gases and I’M SMELLING ONE RIGHT NOW

Sorry about the all-caps in the title there, folks. I can’t bold or italicize in the entry title. I have what scientists call a “fairly keen sense of smell.” I wonder if people who get migraines have heightened senses, because when I used to get migraines, the slightest foul odor from 50+ feet away would … Read more

The Future of the Car Dealership

By sheer coincidence, two of my favorite bloggers released entries on subsequent days about recent negative car-buying experiences. I’ll highlight certain details and similarities below, but if you want to read the full entries, go here for Scott Adams’ (creator of Dilbert) and Simon Sinek’s (speaker on one of the best TED talks ever.) As … Read more

Pet Please #72: When Scientists Decide That Something Delicious Is Good for You

You know the moment. You’re flipping through the news or the paper or Google Reader when you see the headline: Scientists Declare That Small Doses of Dark Chocolate Are Good for You Your heart skips a beat. Hallelujah, the day has come! You can now take your coveted 3:00 dark chocolate break without feeling guilty. Heck, … Read more