Huge Life Decision Poll: Which Facebook Profile Photo Should I Use?

For those of you who have followed this blog or have been friends with me on Facebook for the past 4 years, you know that my profile photo has never changed. Always the same smiling, inspired Jamey looking towards the future against a red background.

I like the photo. I do not like changing Facebook profile photos because I like a consistent online “face.” I use that same profile photo on probably 50+ websites across the internet. I like the distinctive red background.

But as a friend gently pointed out recently, I no longer look exactly like that photo. After all, it’s 4 years old. I have more gray hair. I weigh 10 more pounds. I have 5 fewer moles.

So it might be time for a change.

I want your help, but please don’t take this decision lightly. I know many of you change your profile photo every other day with images of babies and weird art and symbols instead of your face–that is not what I do. I like consistency with my online face, so this is a big deal for me. If I change this photo, I will have to change it all over the internet. I’ll even have to change it on the top of this blog if I can figure out how to do so.

So here we go. The poll at the bottom is in the same order as the photos. All of these photos (except the first one, obviously) were taken in the last 2 months, and they can be cropped if necessary.

26 thoughts on “Huge Life Decision Poll: Which Facebook Profile Photo Should I Use?”

  1. I noticed that you’re still wearing basically the same shirt in 3 out of 4 photos. I think I’m going to cast a write-in vote for a photo of your dressed as Iron Man or Batman.

    • Trev–What can I say, I own a lot of blue dress shirts!

      I’m not sure the world can handle looking at a photo of me as Iron Man or Batman every day. I look ridiculous in those photos. 🙂

  2. I concur with TMac. None of the above photos are acceptable. You need an updated version of the current photo: smiling, both cheeks visible (not a side shot) with a solid background OR Iron Man.

    • I agree on all counts. I think the picture you have had is a great representation of you, and I think an updated version of it might be the best way to go. I think continuity is a great think when it comes to your branding. You just need an updated representation of your brand!

  3. I agree that you should take a new update headshot. The first one you seem grumpy to me. Looking down is no good (but a compelling photo). Gelato is fun but you can do better. You set the bar high with that first one and these other three are not up to the challenge. As you said, this is a big deal. Get a friend to snap a picture!

  4. The fourth one is great, but agreeing with the comments above, I think the photo should have more emphasis on your face and less emphasis on the background. On a different note, I bet Gelato Di Riso would buy copyrights to that photographic image!

    • Erin–Thanks for the feedback! I hadn’t thought about the background, but that’s a great point, especially since the photo will usually be in thumbnail form.

  5. None of these are good. Sorry. The background is too busy in all three (and sort of messy in the 2nd) and the first is blury. Plus the gelato really steals the picture in the third (it looks delicious!).

  6. I’m not going to lie–you have kind of an Alfalfa thing going on with your hair in the 2nd photo.

    I really like *you* in the 3rd one, but whatever that is in the background looks like a giant finger picking your nose for you.

    The 4th one could work if you cropped out the gelato and the fridge, but then you’re still left with the open cabinet door behind you. If you’re that concerned with your online image, it may not work.

    I agree with Emma: you can do better! 🙂

    • You’re right, Katie–I wouldn’t want the online world to think that I leave cabinets open! 🙂

      Ha ha…I was thinking the same thing about the giant finger/arm up my nose! Just a bad angle.

  7. I voted for #4 because it was the only one where I could see your cherubic face. I agree with everyone else….if this is as important as you communicated, get someone with a bit of talent and a good camera to take a good shot of you. I envision you with a simple background (not white, though), kind of at an angle to the camera and slightly leaning in, genuine smile, and hands in the pockets in a relaxed “I’m chill but professional” kind of way. Or, one of the below:,r:18,s:52,i:295&tx=117&ty=86 (but less slouchy, macho)


  8. Even as I’m typing this, I can’t believe it. Jamey, you may need a personal image consultant. I really like your existing photo. It expresses a great brand, which I interpret as: Clean, Aspiring, Insightful, Open and Bold. I really like it.
    But, to your point, as you do more projects like Viticulture and Wrinkle, you’ll need either a good solid head shot, or a distinguishing thing (like we talked about with the branding of Fantasy writers). To Trev’s point, maybe the blue shirt is your distinguishing thing. The other three you have are too snapshot-y to emulate someone with aspirations and capability.


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