Pet Please #72: When Scientists Decide That Something Delicious Is Good for You

I can’t wait for the day that scientists reveal that a daily dip in a chocolate river is good for you.

You know the moment. You’re flipping through the news or the paper or Google Reader when you see the headline:

Scientists Declare That Small Doses of Dark Chocolate Are Good for You

Your heart skips a beat. Hallelujah, the day has come! You can now take your coveted 3:00 dark chocolate break without feeling guilty. Heck, you might eat a few extra today to celebrate the good news.

It always makes my day when scientists decide that something delicious is good for you. I mean, they’re scientists. You’ve always suspected that a little dark chocolate helps to lower your stress levels, but now there’s proof. People in white labcoats say so.

Of course, it goes well beyond dark chocolate. I think I’ve heard that a beer a day is good for you. And/or a glass of red wine a day. A little bit of soda can settle your stomach. Even popcorn isn’t bad for you until you add all the butter and salt (I figure that the healthiness of the corn balances out with the unhealthiness of the butter and salt, for a net gain/loss of zero).

Which delicious indulgence of yours would you like scientists to reveal to be healthy?

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