Which Viticulture Logo Do You Like More?

Late last night I was delighted to get the final logos for my board game, Viticulture, from our graphic designer. Let’s cut right to the chase and reveal them:

You can read about the logo creation process here (as well as see the beautiful wordmark) if you’re interested, but I have an important question for you here.

We have two color schemes for the same logo: one with the red background and one with the beige background. I love both of them, and I’ll use both of them in different places.

However, I need to have a primary logo that I’ll use in the vast majority of thumbnails on our Facebook page, our Board Game Geek page, our Kickstarter campaign page, etc. Of course, we’ll be using our Stonemaier Games logo in some of those places, but I still need a featured Viticulture logo. The go-to logo. The one that will go on the box and the board.

So what do you think? Which one do you like more? You can vote below.