Why Board Games Still Exist

Today, in an interview with the business editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about my board game, I was asked why board games still exist. Given video games, computer games, and handheld/smart phone games, why do people still play board games? I’m sure there are a wide variety of reasons, one big one being that … Read more

Uncle Jamey and Baby William

Recently on this blog, I claimed that I was having a baby. Then, in a HUGE twist that absolutely no one saw coming, I revealed that the baby was, actually, my board game on Kickstarter. In truth, though, while I was launching the Kickstarter campaign, two very dear friends were preparing to have a real, … Read more

Thinkers and Feelers

The other day at work, I ran into a situation in which someone accidentally damaged a piece of the property, and I asked my bosses’ permission to confront the person about it. I don’t seek out confrontation, but when someone hurts something or someone I know, I’m compelled to say something. My boss had a … Read more

The Future of Group Gifts

I recently had several superb experiences with a web app called Shareagift that I want to share with you. Shareagift is a platform for purchasing group gifts. Say you decide that you want to buy a $2,000 grill as a wedding present for your friend, but you don’t have that kind of cash. Within a few … Read more

This Is the Bittersweet

I was going to write a tired blog entry tonight (thanks to Kickstarter, I’m not sleeping much lately…but it’s totally worth it), but then I read one of the most poignant, touching blog entries ever, and I think you’ll benefit more from reading this than anything I could write. I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful … Read more

My First Crush

I hope you remember your first crush. I sure do. In the greater scheme of things, the first crush means nothing. It’s puppy love, nothing more. But I think it’s one of the first times–if not the first time–that we get to experience a feeling that we’re fully aware of and yet we don’t understand … Read more