Pet Please #74: That Moment When Your Pet Decides Out of the Blue That Everything Needs to Stop and You Need to Snuggle NOW

People who have dogs may not be able to relate to this entry. My experience with dogs is that they’re okay–if not outright excited–to snuggle at pretty much any time. Sure, there are exceptions, but that’s most dogs.

Cats are a whole other animal (obviously). I can’t speak for all cats, but I can speak for Biddy and Walter, my cats. Biddy spends most of the day playing and sleeping. Walter spends most of the day sleeping and staring out the window.

And yet every now and then, a switch goes off and one of them absolutely has to snuggle NOW. There’s something charming about this–so charming that I’ve made it an official pet please. I think humans have these urges too, but we’ve learned to ignore them over the years. Either that or we don’t have someone close at hand at all times for a hearty snuggle.

Walter gets the snuggle urge randomly, and he’ll sit next to me or on me purring away as I scratch under his chin. He’ll do that for 20-30 minutes if I indulge him.

Biddy has a regular cuddle time right after I crawl into bed, but he also has a more sporadic snuggle urge that seems to happen every week on Sunday afternoon. I’ll be sitting on the couch, fat and lazy after eating lunch, and all of a sudden he will climb onto my chest and coo and purr and snuggle. Frankly, it’s adorable, and I have the photos to prove it (thank goodness for camera phones. What would pet owners do without them?)

Pet/child owners out there, do you experience this? Specifically the random, urgent need to snuggle.